Prime Minister Modi said that Pakistan and India would resolve the issues bilaterally. He was addressing the media along with USA President Trump at the G 7 meet today, Most of the issues are of bilateral in nature he said.

Both Trump and Modi discussed the issues, but Modi did not ask for the intervention here between India and Pakistan. Trump is a great friend of mine he stated. Pakistan and India will together resolve the issue he stated.

Trump also opined that India and Pakistan must sit together and resolve the issues. Interestingly Modi talked about the eradication of poverty and also eradication of illiteracy in both the countries. He did not talk about terrorism here.

Even Trump did not talk about terrorism. It was a crucial meet here at the G7 between Modi and Trump, but they did not reveal the exact details of their meeting. The relations between India and America are very good they opined.

We had a very good discussion which was very interesting Trump stated. Modi said that he would very proud to meet Trump here. They have discussed several issues pertaining to the trade.

Trump also said that they discussed the issue of Kashmir. Modi said that the situation in Kashmir is absolutely under control. Modi also ruled out the intervention of other countries in resolving the issues with Pakistan.

Modi said that he talked to Imran Khan after the elections and was hopeful that they can resolve the issues bilaterally.