ananth kumar hegde

The ganging up of the opposition is betting branded and ridiculed in several forms. Earlier it was Amit Shah the BJP chief who ridiculed them and now Anant Kumar Hegde the Union Minister. Amit Shah said that the mongoose,cat, dogs, snakes and rats were ganging up against Modi and it makes no difference for the BJP.

Now Anant Kumar compared Modi with the Tiger and the opposition with Monkeys, crows and foxes. The opposition lashed out at the BJP leaders and asked them to mind their language.

On one side there are monkeys, crows and foxes ganging up and the other side is a tiger said Anant Kumar. Please for the Tiger Anant Kumar suggested. He also stated that people were sitting on plastic chairs as the Congress ruled for the last 70 years. Otherwise, people would have been sitting on the silver simhasans he stated.

amith shah

Veerappa Moily returning back on the Tiger comment said that the Tiger has become wild and it has to be sent back to the jungle. Meaning Modi should go back to the Jungle.

Anant Kumar is known for his communal comments and has been warned by courts and others but he continues to mock the opposition from time to time. The Union Minister was speaking in Karnataka.