Tiger named as Baahubali
Tiger named as Baahubali

Now everything is being related to Baahuabli, right from Politics to naming products so on and so forth.

The Telugus and the Indians recently went all out crazy after the release of the blockbuster Baahubali in its second edition and it is not uncommon to see movie-lovers name their children after famous characters.

However, in a not-so-surprising craze, a zoo in Orissa has named a newborn tiger cub with the name Baahubali and people absolutely love it.


The Nandankanan zoo in Orissa seems to be the latest place hit by the Baahubali craze and it can be clearly seen from their actions.

Recently, a tiger cub was born at the zoo and while all animals have a name, they decided to name the cub Baahubali after the famous character from the Indian blockbuster by SS Rajamouli.

It will not be long before a child is named Baahubali in India given the current craze behind the action-drama film. The cub was born out of a wild tiger Nandan and denotes prowess and valour and is quite a celebrity now that people are learning about it.