Tie them up and make the vote for BJP

Yeddyurappa the BJP CM candidate for Karnataka suggested his men tie up the legs and hands of non-voters and then get them to vote for the BJP. He was addressing a gathering here in Karnataka and said that go to the homes of these people who dont vote or come to the polling booths, tie them up and then get them for voting to the BJP he ordered.

His intention was that all must come for voting but he has put it in a different way. Yeddy said that Siddharamaiah will lose in both the constituencies.

Tie them up and make the vote for BJP

He advised the workers not to rest now and then go to every house and pick people who don’t vote. Get them and see that they vote for the BJP he suggested. He said that the Congress is bound to lose and that the BJP will come to power here in Karnataka.

The state will go to polls on 12th and will be announced the results on 15nth The fate of Congress and BJP will be decided on that. Both the parties have a lot of stakes for the future.

Both Rahul and also Modi are on a whirlwind tour in Karnataka and leaving no stone unturned for the success. Modi is addressing 3 rallies a day. Yogi rushed back to his UP.