This Joshi is a bogus Godman

Pradeep Joshi

An astrologer in the name of Pradeep Joshi is a bogus godman. He has married two ladies and deserted them. The two ladies claimed that he has affairs with several girls and is a blackmailer.

They have also filed cases in the police station. They were also live on a TV channel and said that the ladies should not believe in such kind of godmen who are just dupers.

But Pradeep claimed that they were just making allegations. One wife is Dr Shreya and the other lady is Alekhaya. Alekhya has one son and they have been divorced.

Both the ladies said that Joshi abused ladies and talked them on phone. He has cheated several ladies and that the people must be careful with his astrology and other religious things that he does.

He is a cheat they declared. The mothers of the ladies also abused Joshi and they said that others should not fall into his trap any further. Joshi has all fake certificates they alleged.His own family members do not have good relations with Joshi.