They tried with comedy


Sushanth from Akkineni family who is itching for a hit has come with some comedy this time. He has done an Ok performance and we can say that he is improving with the movies.

The film Aatadukundam Raa directed by Nageswara Reddy is Produced by Naga Suseela. The film features Sushanth and Sonam in the lead roles. Other characters include, Brahmanandam, Vennala Kishore, Prudhvi Raj and Murali Sharma. Music is composed by Anup Rubens the favorite of Akkineni Family.The added attraction for the film is guest appearances of Akkineni Akhil and Akkineni Naga Chaitanya.

The film just deals with some comedy and punch dialogues where the hero will be seen in a different region to get the love of heroine. They will be going into a time machine 50 years backward or 50 years forward along with Brahmi and Vennala Kishore.

They go to different places and find all the finest and biggest directors and actors to get a script. They go to Pridhvi Raj who is a director and will shoot the film. The other side deals about Hero impressing Heroine’s family and the Villains actions on Heroines Father.

Sushanth has given a good performance in the role of an NRI in “Aatadukunadam Raa.” He impresses movie buffs with his action, dance and comedy timing.Heroine Sonam Bajwa is cute , glamorous and did justice to her role.

Brahmanandam is seen in a full length role after a long time as innocent. Characters like Posani, Vennela Kishore, Murali Sharma, Raghu babu, Prudhvi and others did their part to this laugh riot. Major plus was the music of Anoop Rubens with good songs.There is remix of the oldie from the legendary film Devadasu of ANR. It is a film for the fans of Akkineni family.


Music: Anup Rubens

Producer: Naga Susheela

Director :Nageshwar Reddy

Rating: 2.5/5