There is no meaning for the word Nepotism said, Ram Gopal Varma


The audience make stars and not producers and directors opine the controversial director Ram Gopal Varma. He did not agree with the argument that Sushan Singh Rajput the hero from Bollywood committed suicide due to Nepotism in the industry.

RGV said that Chiranjeevi and Vijay Devarakonda have become stars due to the love and acceptance from the audience and not at the whims and fancies of the producers and directors.

He opined that Salman Khan was being maligned as he is a big star in the industry. Karan Johar is facing allegations as he is a big producer in the industry.

People are saying that 7 films of Sushant were stopped, but nobody knows that are the films RGV opined. In future stars will not be brand, the movie itself becomes a brand he opined.

Technology will be the king and not the Technicians. There will be no titles in the near future he opined. No one will take about the director, they will talk about the movie and the heroes also don’t matter he said.

Murder is the movie that he is presently working on. He has already completed Climax and Corona and they are ready for the releases on Ramus World his own OTT platform. Theatre’s dod not matter and people will watch the movies on mobiles Ramu said.

He is the man who made movies during the Corona, while no one has come out for the shooting in the industry. Ramu can be branded as one of the fastest moviemakers in the industry.