The unwanted card called Aadhar

Supreme court

Court says there is no need for Aadhar, Aadhar does not mean any authentication. But all of them want Aadhar for every transaction. The Xerox shops are making good money with the Xeros of Aadhar. Each side they charge Rs 2.

Now the Court has specifically directed the Registrars in Telangana that they must not insist for Aadhar. Dharani portal is asking for Aadhar, caste details and family details also.

The Supreme court has directed that no one can insist for Aadhar from any citizen. But all of them first ask for Aadhar number and xerox attachment.

Income Tax people are asking for PAN and Aadhar attachment. Epic or voter card will also be attached with Aadhar. Most of the Online bookings and transactions demand for Aadhar number.

If Aadhar is accepted for all transactions then it is better to make Aadhar as the card and number for everything. Anything and everything should be done via Aadhar and all other cards should be removed.

That makes the citizens life easy.