Mega Star Chiranjeevi is trying to get into shape for his next movie with Koratala Shiva. It’s a sports-based film something like Nanis Jersey. But here the subject is Hockey. He is playing a Hockey coach like Sharukh Khan in Chek De India.

Sharukh got an excellent name in the movie and it is about coaching a ladies team for victory. Chak De India has no personal life of the Hero depicted in the movie and he is always with the team and working for the well being of the team.

But here the Telugu hero Chiranjeevi has a love angle also mixed with the hockey coaching. It has to be seen how far the Telugu audience will accept the version of Koratala Shiva. Even before the release storyline is out.

Earlier Chek De was dubbed in Telugu also and it was on TV too.After working very hard for Syeraa, Chiranjeevi wanted a lighter movie. It was horse riding, sword fighting and running around in the Syeraa movie.

But now he has to run with the hockey stick. He must learn some tricks of the Hockey to become a coach in the movie. Playing cricket is easy, but playing hockey requires some knack. This involves dribbling the ball with the stick. Chiranjeevi did Vijetha when he was young as a football player. Now he is becoming a hockey coach.