The social media campaign, elections survey for MAA


Both Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu are doing the social media campaign for the MAA election. Both the Panels are doing the election Surveys to find out who would win the election.

The TV channels are running the stories day in and day out for this election. They are fighting a pitched battle. There is a talk that Prakash Raj is doing the campaign in a systematic and scientific method.

The other day he was in tears asking for justice. But Vishnu is meeting the people who matter in the industry and seeking their support. But the Surveys are indicating an edge to the Prakash panel.

The other day Srikanth said that it is better not to fight this election. Vishnu has claimed that Rajasekhar has met Mohan Babu while Jeevitha is contesting with Prakash Raj.

Ravi Babu the son of Giri Babu said that there was no need for an outsider to run the MAA and that we here local people are capable of running it.

Prakash is banking on the mega camp followers while Manchu is banking on Naresh and his followers. The mega family definitely has an edge over the Naresh family.

Prakash generally is an arrogant person and never cared about people before. That might make all the difference to Prakash.