The second dose is the key: Vaccination


Many IT companies have decided that they must start the work from the office, in January 2022. The IT department led by K Taraka Rama Rao and the secretary Jayesh Ranjan wanted the Hyderabad people to start the work from the office at the earliest possible.

But many IT employees are yet to get the second dose. Most of them have got the first dose and are working from home. Now they will be able to go to the office once all the employees get the second dose of the vaccine.

Many others are dependent on the It companies for their livelihood. The Cab drivers are the most affected as the employees are not using the transport for the last one year.

That was the reason the Minister and IT secretary suggested that the work must start from the office and the employees must co-operate to help others.

The Corona cases are on the rise in America and the big companies have decided that the work will start in the first quarter of next year depending on the situation.

The lady employees are not interested in going to the office. They are very happy with the concept of work from home. The IT companies are planning for a 3-day work in the office and 2 days at home.

Companies like Tech Mahindra are having 6 days week and 9 hours shift. This is nothing but exploiting the employees.