The sale of Non-veg and Beer on the rise

Non-veg and Beer

It could be Covid or whatever, the sale of meat and also Liquor will not come down in Telangana. The work from home concept has seen a rise in the consumption of food by Individuals.

For people who can afford it has become a party like situation in Hyderabad and many districts of Telangana. As they need not go to office, cooking is going on in a big way at homes and they are preferring non-veg most of the time.

Along with non-veg the consumption of beer also has gone up ever since the Temperature started rising in the state of Telangana. Mutton boneless is costing around Rs1000 a Kg but people are buying it. The broiler egg consumption is also going up.

In the month of March around 29.59 lakh cases were sold and this is the highest number of sales since the reopening of liquor shops in May 2020. It may further go up as the heat rises in the state.

The liquor and wine shops are stacking all kinds of beer in a big way to meet the demand in the month of May. Now the non-veg and liquor are also delivered at your doorstep.

The delivery of liquor is available round the clock in some areas.