The rates of dry fruits and spices might go up

dry fruits

The rates of spices and dry fruits are set to go up across the country it is reported. Prices of dry fruits are likely to rise in India after the Taliban stopped all import and export of goods with India following their swift coming to power in Afghanistan.

Prices of dry fruits had already been affected even before the Taliban’s final assault on Kabul as traders in Jammu has spoken about the disruption that happened over the last 10-15 days.

Meanwhile, in Jammu, the prices of Afghan almonds, figs, apricots and raisins have increased by ₹200 per kilogram, while that of pistachio has increased by ₹250 per kilogram.

Despite the fast-evolving situation in Afghanistan, the senior official expressed hope that trade ties would normalise soon. This rise in rates will have a cascading effect in Telangana also.

Hyderabad consumes the largest quantity of dry fruits and also spices. Some of the spices are regularly used for making Hyderabadi Biryani. There is a chance that the rates of Biryani in popular joints might go up in the name of the crisis in Afghanistan.

But the diplomatic sources are hopeful that the trade will continue as usual and that it is a matter of time. Right now the exports and imports have been stopped by the local Governance which is indirectly in the hands of Taliban.