The BJP Chief Ministers and other top leaders will resort to carpet bombing across the country on the Rafale deal. They will explain as to how Congress tried to tarnish the image of the Government and what was the reality. They will also clarify on what they gave to the court and how the court has given them a clean chit. Prime Minister Modi has already started the campaign in the home turf of Sonia Gandhi to being with.The very next day all the 70 media events will be held across the country on Monday. The Congress tried its level best to expose the Modi Government, but the court said that there was no proof.

The Union Ministers and the chief Ministers will explain the stand and the transparency of the NDA Government. The Centre has already given the relevant papers to the court in the connection. The court gave a clean chit to the Modi Government. The BJP chief Amit Shah has sought an apology from Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief for levelling allegations against the BJP Government. Anil Ambani has filed a suit in the court against the Congress party leaders for making allegations against him that the BJP and Modi favoured him.