The opposition is ganging up against Modi

Prashant Kishore the poll strategist is stitching an alliance of around 15 parties against the BJP. A meeting of these parties has been called by Prashant and the senior politician Sharad Pawar. The meeting will be held on Tuesday it is reported.

The regional parties have shown that they could stop the BJP juggernaut but putting them all on one stage is a mammoth task that has remained unaccomplished so far.

It has to be seen if the Telugu Chief Ministers KCR and Jagan would join the bandwagon or will they sail with Modi.

Can Prashant Kishor and Pawar together initiate a ‘third front’-type play with more success than the likes of Chandrababu Naidu managed in the lead-up to the 2024 elections?

It is reported that Chandrababu Naidu will join the gang of Opposition led by Prashant Kishore and Pawar.

The decimation can only happen once the players are convinced that there is only one king and it’s better to be a pawn on the winning side rather than being written off a third time over.

Sharad Pawar can get the players on the chessboard and PK can determine every move. There is a chance that Rahul Gandhi could be projected as the next PM of the country.

But will all of them agree for the same has to be seen. It could be Prashant Kishore also as an alternative to Modi.