Why there was less crowd and the TRS could not achieve the 20 lakh crowd or the 25 lakh crowd is the question now. Most of the MLAs thought that the other MLAs would mobilise the crowd and did not do their level best in getting the people to Kongara Kalan. The people who wanted to come to Hyderabad expected transport and also money from the organisers or the respective MLAs.

The MLAs wanted the money to be saved for the election as the KCR was supposed to dissolve the Assembly on Sunday. On the other hand, the main reason is that KCR assured the MLAs that all the sitting ones will get the seat. So where was the reason for them to mobilise the crowds and prove themselves when all of them were assured with seats?


People who started in the noon for the evening meeting were stranded on the roads. The traffic management could not give proper way the grounds of Kongara kalan. The Intelligence has given the real figures to KCR and he was disappointed. He was in no mood and fumbled now and then during the speech as he was very angry.

With Congress and BJP waiting on the other side, the TRS has no other option but to give seats to the sitting MLAs. It is reported that KTR will give the seats, and KCR will talk to the MLAs who will not be getting the seats. Geeting some of the crowd one day ahead was also a mistake and they were relatively tired. Most of the management was done at the grounds and facilities, while no one bothered in monitoring if the people were really coming for the meeting or not.

That made all the difference.

u. srinivas