The insect Milk icecream


Ice cream is tasty but bad for health. But here is icecream which has proteins and is made from the insect-based Milk. It is good for health and has an earthy taste, smells like earth.

The Milk is named as Ento Milk and is an alternative to the regular milk. The name of the company is Gourmet Grubb and it is based in South Africa.

The icecream is based from the insect-based milk and is rich in proteins. The icecream is viral one web. The Milk for the icecream is actually extracted from the insects. In other words, you can call it natural icecream.

Gourmet Grubb was founded in 2017, and according to the start-up, the insect milk-based ice cream is actually not just a healthier alternative but also more environmentally sustainable. Insects do not require as much resources to grow and breed as their other animal counterparts.

The founder of Gourmet Grubb, Leah Bessa explained to the media that they had expected a lot of push back but people are open-minded and interested in trying this new kind of ice cream. They hope that the demand and market for insect-based alternatives would be sustainable environmentally and for the diet too.