The Gold is on fire



The Gold rates are rising day in and day out. We can say that the rates are on fire and it is bad news for the Gold buyers. It is the marriage season and one has to take the gold for marriages.

At the same time, Silver is also growing along with the Gold for the first time. Usually silver does not rise when the Gold prices rise. But this time both the Gold and the silver have taken a rally.

The rate per 10 grams of 24 carat Gold is around 44,500. The rate of 22 carat that is used for the Jewellery is around Rs 41000 per 10 grams. The Gold has risen around Rs 1800 in the last 7 days. It is likely to go up further according to the market watchers.

The 22 carat Gold has rised around 1500 rupees in the last 7 days. On the other hand the silver which was hovering around Rs 46000 to Rs 47000 per KG has now gone up to Rs 51000. It has crossed the Rs 50000 mark.

So both the Gold and silver are on the rise and the Gold is on fire we can say.