The Cutout war in Telangana Congress party


Cutouts and flexis pertaining to Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy of the Congress party have been pulled down and torn away by the rival group that is Revanth Reddy the PCC Chief group it is alleged.

There is a talk that the TRS leaders could have also done it so that the two groups in the Congress party will fight against each other. The cutouts of Revanth and Komati Reddy were decorated for the Congress classes.

Congress leader Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy made allegations against Revanth and his leadership. Komatireddy said that Revanth did not take the suggestions of seniors for fighting the Huzurabad election.

The candidate was announced in the last moment which was not the right strategy he opined. Komatireddy is very unhappy with the leadership of Revanth.

He has been talking against Revanth from the beginning. Venkat Reddy was also an aspirant for the PCC post here in Telangana. We have to ee how far this will go.

Congress party did not fight properly in the Huzurabad elections. It was clearly evident.