The credit goes to Dhoni


Virat Kohli the hero of the Indian cricket said that it is all because of Dhoni the master blaster that he has become the Indian captain today. Kohli said that he has to learn from Dhoni for about 6 years.

Kohli explained that he used to stand with Dhoni all the time and used to put proposals that can we do this and can we not do this in the cricket. Dhoni used to explain to him about the pros and cons of the decision.

That way for years together he was groomed under Dhoni and now he is the captain. He has learned to take the risk from Dhoni. Apart from Dhoni, the one influence that Kohli has is from his wife Anushka Sharma.

Right now Kohli is under quarantine and Anushka has done hair cut for him. Kohli is hitting the gym on a daily basis and is fit like ever. The only issue is that he waiting for the cricket matches to happen and that too with the crowd.

Let’s hope the cricket will begin soon.