Dr Laxman the BJP state President

Where is the Congress party questioned Dr Laxman the BJP state President in Telangana. Laxman said that the power has been shifted from son to Mother in the Congress party. He opined that the Congress party has miserably failed in a big way under Rahul Gandhi and now there is no except for his mother Sonia to take over the party. She was also a failure earlier Laxman reminded.

Talking about the BJP party in Telangana, Laxman reminded that there were just 2 MPs and now they have more than 350 and have come to power two times. We will develop the party in Telangana, the BJP chief said.

He did not agree that the BJP was hand in glove with the TRS. He said that if it was so they would have won 5 seats in Telangana and not just one that is Raja Singh.


Laxman said that the people, in general, liked the division of Jand k into Jand K and Laddakh. This is for the development of the region he explained.

Leaders are joining the BJP across the Nation in a big way he said.

Today BJP working President JP Nadda is touring in Telangana. Nadda will be addressing a public meeting here at the Nampally exhibition grounds. Most of the schemes being implemented by the KCR government are supported by the BJP Government financially from the Centre he reminded.

Laxman was optimistic that with 4 MPs in Telangana, they will be able to get a good number of seats in the coming Assembly, Many dalit leaders are joining the BJP here in Telangana he said.

Getting the President post again is not the question Laxman said. He would work for the party as suggested by the senior leaders.