The Cheetah was not found

Cheetah was not found

The search for the Cheetah has not yielded any results so far. The CC cameras have revealed that the Cheetah was romaing around the forests of an agriculture university in Rajendranagar.

Police are of the opinion that it could have moved into the Rajendrangar area last night. But there were reports that the Cheetah was caught and hat it died while it was being shited to the forest area. But so far the Cheetah was not caught according to the police and the forest officials.

Earlier the Cheetah was spotted at the Mylardevpally farmhouse and it has attacked some people. The local police and he forest officials have set traps and are watching on the CC camera for the spotted Cheetahc for last 24 hours.

People at the Katedan limits are having no proper sleep last night. Some youth along with the forest officers have been searching for the leopard since last night.

The movement of Cheetah was recorded on the CC cameras. Some CC cameras have also been fixed to monitor the movement of the Cheetah which is on the prowl.

The forest officials are suspecting that the Cheetah might have come into the city from the nearby forests of Mylardevpally. The local residents say that it could be hiding ht nearby fields to avoid the dragnet of the forest officers.