The changes for this Republic Day of Bharat

republic day

1. Musical Tune of Beating Retreat ceremony changed from “Abide with me” written by Audrey Assad to “Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo” written by Bhartiya Poet Pradeep.

2. Statue of Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose will be placed at Canopy nearby India Gate where King George V used to be placed till 1965 (18 years since Independence) – This actually shows How Congress and Nehru never got us Independence. If you have a little shame then you will read how Nehru used to even report every Intelligence to Britishers till 1962.

A Shame I feel on my forefather How we all have accepted this without a fight and How we celebrated Republic Day for 18 years in front of King George V statue.

3. Republic Day Celebration will now be of 4 days starting 23rd January instead of 24th January till 27th January in order to include Netaji Birthday in the celebration. On this coming Birthday (125th Birthday) PM Modi will be placing a hologram at the canopy till Granite Statue is built.

4. Eternal Flame of Amar Jawan Jyoti is combined and shifted to the rightful location of the National War Memorial along with War Memorial Flame. This Flame actually started in 1972 after 25 years of Independence and for 7 decades we can’t even build our own memorial. Now PM Modi built National War Memorial, Hence it is rightfully moved.

These four changes are not just symbolic but a beacon for the coming Future of Bharat. It is an answer that we are now no more oppressed but a rising power. My Best wishes to the Government of Bharat to change the complete Central Vista which they already doing. These British Built monuments and symbols must be preserved as museums but Never be used in practice. We must build our own symbols and we are building them.

Soon By 2025, We will have our own epicentres and symbols. Feel the real freedom. Respect the Real Freedom Fighters and Break the shackles of Western Brainwash. Your Culture is Ancient and Your Ancient has Glorious History which was second to none till the 18th century.

We just lagged behind in these 250 years when we were looted but Now its time to Get back all we lost.