Heroes in the movies usually have a very light beard to look young. Heroes like Chiranjeevi and also Venkatesh apart from Nagarjuna sport a slight trimmed beard to look young at 60.

But the young heroes are also sporting a beard to look like college going guys. Director Sukumar also has this sentiment of presenting his hero with a big long beard.

For Nannaku Prematho NTR sported a log beard it was a super-duper hit. Later for Rangasthalama had a long beard and it got all the award and appreciation.

It is reported that the latest movie of Sukumar, with Allu Arjun, is going to be a with a long beard. The lorry driver will be having a beard. The first time it was a hit and second time he took a chance and the third time it is like a sentiment for Sukumar that he is trying the beard for his hero.

In reality, Sukumar also sports a beard. Maybe he likes his heroes also in the same fashion. Moreover, that look is a hit.