Supreme Court


While the judgement was being read out from 10.30, here are some of the findings in the historic Ram Janma Bhoomi and Ayodhya disputed land issue.

1. No Temple was demolished for the construction of a Masjid over the disputed land.
2. There was Temple existing in the form of ruins and over it, the Masjid was built.
3. There were some pillars lying below the Babri Masjid.
4. Evidence of Hindu Temple pillars was used for the construction of Qutub Minar and other masjids.
5. In 1807 a British Surveyor said that Hindu temples pillars were used for Muslim constructions.
6. It is a historic verdict where the Judges signed at 10.30 am
7. Shia wakf board claim dismissed.
8. Unanimous judgement by all the 5 judges.
9. No private claim was made on the property.
10. Most of the claims were in favour of Hindu people.
11. Nirmohi Akhada suit was being rejected.
12. ASI said that there was a Hindu structure at the site.
13. Court cant dispute ASI findings.
14. Ram birthplace in Ayodhya is undisputed.