Vilas a man from Nizamabad has won Rs 28 crore in a lottery. Vilas comes from a poor family and was in Dubai for a livelihood it is reported. But he has this habit of purchasing lottery tickets. He has been wasting a lot of time on the lottery tickets.

Fortunately, he bought 3 tickets in Dubai for a lottery and one of the tickets got him 28 crores. He earlier worked as a driver in Dubai and this time he tried his luck with the lottery tickets. He purchased the tickets and returned back to Nizamabad as he could not get proper employment this time.

But in turn, his luck turned and got a phone call that one of the tickets have won 28 crores. He said that itis is luck of his wife that hs brought him this money and fame.

Right now he is in Hyderabad and is planning to go to Dubai to get back the money. He has won the lottery but gave the credit to his wife Padma. Luck favoured him and it is all good for Vilas now.