Tear gas-water cannons greet farmers in Delhi

Farmer protest

The protesting farmers who came in large numbers to Delhi to protest were greeted and blocked by Tear gas and water cannons. While the Delhi CM Kejriwal said that they must be allowed and called for discussions, the Delhi police blocked the way with heavy barricades.

protesting farmers

More than thirty thousand farmers came to the national capital in tractors and tried to break the barriers and raised slogans against the Government. The police used tear gas shells and batons to disperse them. Heavy water cannons and gas shells were used against them on the Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi. Several farmers were injured in the mele.

The police said that to avoid traffic congestion and law and order problems, they were forced to take action against the protesting farmers.

But some representatives of the distressed farmers were allowed to meet the Home Minister Rajnath Singh who was assured of resolving the issues. Some Congress workers tweeted, that this was not India that Gandhiji dreamt of or expected.