Syeraa movie review: Block Buster

sye raa

Syeraa is a blockbuster the initial reports from USA stated. Majority of the twitter reviews say that the director has mixed the movie with all the commercial elements.

The tempo of the movie is better in the second half it is reported. The first half stars well and the tempo continues till the end and the performance of Chiranjeevi the megastar is spellbinding the twitters reports say.

Special shows in the nights have been given permission by the Andhra Pradesh Government. The special shows will be from night 1am to morning 4 am.

The advance booking is also full and there is a lot of demand for the tickets. Being the festival and holiday season the film is expected to very well in the Telugu states.

Amitabh Bachchan is a special attraction as usual.

The film is about 2hours and 50 minutes. They could have edited it properly and reduced it to 2 and half hours. Easily 20 minutes could have been reduced.

Some dialogues are too long for Chiranjeevi’s diction. All the departments have done well for the movie. The director has done justice to the movie. One must see the movie to know the things.

Starring: Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Thamanna
Director: Surendar Reddy
Producer: Ramcharan
Rating: 3/5