Swamy blasts Adani

Like Shatrughan Sinha, the BJP MP Swamy is also commenting on his own party. Now he has directly attacked Adani the businessman who is close to the PM Modi.

Swamy said Adani, believed to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, should be made accountable or he would file a Public Interest Litigation in the court for recovery of bank loans from him.

Subrahmanyam Swamy tweeted that unless and until Adani is made accountable he would be forced to file a PIL against the businessman.

Swamy blasts Adani

But the company representatives have clarified to Swamy that they have been paying the loans on time and there is no default as such.

It said the group’s dependence on public sector banks for long-term borrowings is less than 50 percent at about Rs 34,000 crore and it is regularly serviced.

“Adani Group has created world-class assets and aggregate net asset block of Indian operations stands at over Rs 110,000 crore.

The aggregate net worth of the listed entities stands at over Rs 40,000 crore and aggregate stands at Rs 24,000 crore,” the company statement said.