The mortals remains of the Senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Sushma Swaraj was brought to the BJP headquarters in Delhi. The BJP Chief and Home Minister draped her in the BJP flag and offered floral tributes with rose petals.

Later Minister for defence Rajnath Singh along with army officials came in and draped Sushma with the national flag and saluted her. This is the highest honour and saying that the nation remembers her services.

The National flag was draped on the BJP flag and both the flags were visible for the people to pay their last respects.

JP Nadda the working President was also present here at the party office along with other functionaries. Sushma was the chief minister of Delhi for a brief period.

Helping fellow Indians in distress was the human angle of Sushma. Obama the former US President described her as the shortest leader in height and the tallest in stature.

She played a key role in bettering the relations with the other Nations. Sushma was mixed with grit, grace and a true stateswoman. In brief, she was just a tweet away.

She was charismatic and also a wonderful administrator and a politician loved by all. People like Advani just broke down in front of her mortal remains. She was the one who gave a human face to the MEA.

The wall street Journal called her the best-loved politician. It is like the World paid tributes to Sushma Swaraj. Ministers Piyush Goel, Smrithi Irani, Ravi Shankar Prasad and other paid tributes to Sushma here at the BJP head quarters.