Suriya’s Jai Bhim: Movie Review


The movie is against the Police brutalities and the director has succeeded in showcasing Suriya as a fighter against the oppressions. It is on OTT and we can watch it one time.

Suriya has done well as an advocate.Gynanvel the director it looks like has taken the theme from an old Tamil film. But the movie is gripping in the first half and the rest second half is also ok.

The Court Room drama has been depicted very well by the director. Suriya has done well and it is apt for the OTT release. Prakash Raj as usual has stolen the thunder.

Rao Ramesh, is a key aspect with his demeaning personality and gives an edge to the film. Manikandan and Lijomal Jose who play the tribal are moving with their earnest performances.

There is no lag or drag in the movie, just watch it and you will get carried away till the end.