Suresh Babu faces the ire of Exhibitors


Daggubati Suresh Babu is under fire from various quarters for ignoring the cine exhibitors and selling the movies to OTT. Daggubati family has opted for OTT release and they have earned around 150 crores for selling the digital rights. Later they can earn with the theatrical release also.

Suresh Babu made it very clear that they are not doing any charity by making movies and it is a business for them. Suresh Babu also believes that the medium called OTT is here to stay and it is big bucks.

Now they are out of the red in this Corona third wave period. As people belonging to the Suresh productions have taken this route, others will also follow the same.

Naarappa of Venkatesh, Drishyam 2 of Venkatesh and Virataparvam of Rana Dagguabati have been sold for Rs 150 crore on the OTT platform, to begin with.

This is safe for the producers and they are relieved of the tension. The exhibitors in fact have requested the producers not to go for OTT. But Suresh productions themselves also have theatres.

They know that it is not worth waiting for the theatres as the third wave of Corona is being predicted. Now that the theatres are open we have to see how far the producers will release the movies in theatres.