Sunday no Corona Vaccine in Telangana

Corona Vaccine

There is a scarcity of Corona Vaccine in the state of Telangana. The PHCs are giving the Vaccine as they like. They do not have a proper storage facility for the Vaccine.

There are no takers for the Vaccine in some areas. In some PHCs the first dose is given, but there is no information for the second dose. The second dose has to be taken after 28 days.

In some places, the Vaccine is diverted to local private hospitals where they are selling it. Right now there is chaos and confusion for the Vaccine at the PHCs.

Unqualified people are injecting the Vaccine where the citizens are in deep trouble after taking the Vaccine. The spirit is not applied before giving the vaccine.

They just directly pushing the disposable syringe. People are just going around PHCs for the second dosage of Vaccine. The vaccine is supposed to come to Telangana by this evening it is reported.

While the first phase of Corona was contained in a proper manner in India, the second phase is uncontrollable and the Government has failed. Experts are suggesting another lockdown, but the Government is not prepared for the same.