Vijay Devarakonda the hero from Telangana has a great fan called Sudha Murthy the wife of Naryanamurthy of Infosys. Sudha Murthy is the board member of the TTD.

Young ladies praising Devarakonda is a common thing after his movie Arjun Reddy. But Sudha Murthy at that age saying that Devarakonda a good actor is a great compliment for the Tollywood star who is becoming popular in other languages also.

Sudha Murthy also stated that she has seen Geeta Govindam the movie of Devarakona and she liked it very much. Now Vijay has declared that he would not be doing any love stories.

After the word famous lover, Vijay is doing Fighter for Puri Jagannath, in five languages being produced by Karan Johar of Dharma productions. Karan will also distribute the movie in Bollywood.

The USP of Vijay is that he is popular in other languages also. Vijay is of the opinion that he must not repeat the characters. He wants to be different in every movie that he comes up with.