Donald Trump

Donald Trump the President of the USA has suggested the people not to go for panic buying of the essential commodities. Trump said that the people were buying the essential commodities in large scale when compared to Christmas.

Relax do not panic he suggested the people in General. He also said that the shops and malls would be open even during the nights and people can get whatever they want.

There was no need to rush for this panic purchase in the name of Corona he explained. on the other hand, America has already declared the state of emergency in the USA for Corona.

Isolation wards are in place for the patients and they have also cancelled the visas from the doubtful countries. At the same time in some countries malls and business, establishments have been closed as a precautionary measure against Corona.

That has prompted the Americans to go for panic purchase. They think that there might be shut down in the USA because of Corona. But President Trump assured that the malls and shops will be open during the nights also and that there was nothing to panic about.