Stoop low to conquer

If you want to conquer then bend your knees is the order of the day. Danam Nagendar the MLA from Khairtabad removed the shoe of YS Rajasekhar Reddy when he was on a padayatra.

Alladi Rajakumar who was an MP used to serve NTR the then CM like a male servant or nurse. Some security people carry the bags and also the shoes of VVIPs when in need.

Now Praveen Prakash the CM secretary was on his knees to take the orders of the Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy. This is the best way to please the CMs and enjoy the power in the Governance.

MLAs prostrated before the then CM Jayalalitha as if she was a god. One IAS officer from Telangana touched the feet of KCR the Telangana CM to become an MLC. He is a realtor on the flip side.

There are instances where MLAs used film stars and beautiful ladies to please the people on the other side. Praise the lord is the name of the theme.

Even Jaganmohan Reddy the present CM wanted to touch the feet of PM Modi but Modi did not allow him. Padmasri a Tribal lady pleased the then CM N Janardhan Reddy to become an MP.

So pleasing others in many ways to get some power or position are not new. Mahmood Ali sends milk and Biryani to the people who matter to stay in power.

He was the revenue minister and now the Minister for Home in the KCR cabinet. Kissing on the hand of KCR has been his way of appeasing the Chief Minister.