Stolen Property Release Mela held at Cyberabad


A “Stolen property release mela” was held at Cyberabad Police grounds wherein the properties recovered from the offenders by police were handed over to the victims after following due procedure of law.

Properties including gold and silver ornaments, vehicles, cash money which was lost due to theft, robbery, burglary, attention diversion etc., worth totally Rs. 1.10 Crores approximately reached the hands of their respective owners again.

Victims of property offences from all over the Commissionerate were present at the programme and received their hard-earned property back.

The Cyberabad Police have detected many property offence cases in this year. With the sustained efforts of all wings of the Commissionerate (L&O PSs, Detective Wings, CCS, SOT ), the offenders were arrested and the stolen properties were recovered from the custody of the offenders.

The protection of life and property and prevention and detection of crimes are the core duties of police.

Living upto the expectations of the citizens, Cyberabad Police have been making genuine and dedicated efforts in tracing the criminals and apprehending them using all possible technologies and also recovering the stolen properties.

Following are the details of properties handed over to the victims in this mela :

Gold 79.55 Tolas and Silver 915.00 Tolas recovered in 22 cases. Rs. 26,79,300/- recovered in 4 cases. 63 Vehicles recovered in 63 cases. 39 Mobiles phones recovered in 29 cases. 12 other properties recovered in 12 cases. In total 130 cases and total Property worth of Rs. 1.10 Crores recovered.

The victims expressed happiness over getting their properties back. They also were satisfied with the proactive approach of police in intimating them and helping them reclaim their properties following due process of law.

The Cyberabad Police have been developing a mechanism of proactive intimation of detection of property offence cases, recovery of properties to the respective victims and also helping them in the Courts to get their property released as per law without any inconvenience.

CP, Cyberabad Sri VC Sajjanar expressed that the handing over of stolen property back to the victims forms a critical part of the criminal justice system in the country and it must happen seamlessly to the satisfaction of the common citizens who are victims of property crimes.

He appreciated the efforts of all wings of Cyberabad police in detection of cases, apprehension of criminals, recovery of property, and prompt release of property to the genuine owners.

He said that this will go a long way in building confidence of citizens on the effectiveness of policing system. Telangana Police and Cyberabad Police are is committed to serve the people always for their safety, he added.

He also appreciated the commendable job done by Cyberabad Traffic DCP Shri SM Vijay Kumar, IPS., and CCRB officials CCRB ACP S. Ravichandra, CCRB Inspector E. Venkat Reddy, Control room Inspector Yadagiri, SI Krishna, CCRB PCs Shiva Reddy, Mahesh, Ramanjaneyulu for their effective co-ordination with all the stake holders.