Srireddy who stated that it was RGV who instigated her to abuse Pawan Kalyan has now got a plum role from the controversial director himself. It may be noted that she has drawn the attention of the National media against the casting couch in Tollywood which has shaken the Telugu film industry.

Teja the film director who has come out of the NTR project has also promised Srireddy with two movies. Now the latest is that RGV wants to make a movie with Srireddy. But the reality is that RGV who made a movie with Nagarjuna in the name of the officer is unable to release it. We do not know what would be the fare of this movie.

But we must admire his guts, RGV has announced a movie with Srireddy. This is news. It has to be seen how the big producers like Allu Aravind who called RGV an Intelligent crook will react to this. A section of Tollywood is already against RGV and it is not easy for him to survive in the Tollywood for the time being.

Srireddy finally hooks RGV

Srireddy and RGV who have mellowed down are back in news with the announcement of this movie. The movie of RGV with Akhil was dropped after this episode of Aravind bashing RGV in a press meet.

It has to be seen how RGV will proceed with the movie that he has made and how he is going to launch the next movie with Srireddy. Of course, Srireddy Muhurtham episode is going to a highlight and it will be splashed across the National media also. We do not know how RGV will treat her and what sought of allegations she would make after the completion of the movie.

Will she get any remuneration or will she just get an opportunity is to be seen?