Srireddy comes back with charges and allegations on dance master, director Lawrence and other director Murugadass. Srireddy popular with the casting couch issue said that both the directors used her physically. She also made another sensational remark that Lawrence brought girls for using them physically. She alleged that Raghava Lawrence used girls for sex in a Chennai resort.

Now after storming the Hyderabad and Tollywood with allegations, now with casting couch allegations she also brought the name of Srikanth into the light and said that all of them have used her by promising movie roles.

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SriReddy claims that she has sufficient evidence on the allegations that she has made and would reveal them whenever it was required. Now she is doing a police role in a movie and also approaching some directors for work. But all the directors and producers are jittery about her and have apprehensions that she might blackmail them and lay a trap for making money.

But after getting some serious warning from the and heroes she has been bouncing back with allegations undeterred. But as of now, she is well to do and people say that some producers who do not want get exposed have paid her and settled the issue with her.