Sridevi Soda centre Movie Review


There is nothing new in the love story of Sridevi Soda centre. Except for just one twist, most of the movie is predictable. The director failed to build the story in a proper manner.

Sudheer the hero tried some comedy and mass masala. But it has not suited him well. It looked as if a posh man was trying to act in a mass manner. It is a routine story.

It is about intercaste love and other Hungama. Sudheer has given an Ok performance while Anandi the leading lady did well. The movie is just routine and you will know what would happen next.

Just go and watch the movie if you are a Sudheer babu fan. Mani Sharma music is just Ok. Director Karuna Kumar has tried his level best and could not lift the tempo to the extent possible.

On the whole, it is an Ok movie. The push given by Mahesh, Chiranjeevi and others could not boost the image of the movie.