Sonia Gandhi slams centre


AICC leader Sonia Gandhi today lashed out at the centre for not taking care of the migrant workers properly. It may be noted that the state Governments were asked to pay the rail fares.

The Telugu states have agreed to send the workers of other states back. Sonia Gandhi found fault with the BJP Government for taking fares from the state Governments.

The Congress chief said that the local Congress party leaders will pay for the workers who would like to go to the native villages. The Congress will pay the Migrans train fare she assured.

This will be a humble contribution from the Congress party she said. The BJP government should have given a free ride to the workers to their home towns she stated.

The BJP had hundreds of scores for spending on the US President Trump visit in Gujarat, but it has no money to be spent on the trains fare of the workers she criticised.

Whey should the Government take the train fare for the workers she questioned? It is not right she opined.