Smith and Bancroft may be banned for life

The Australian cricket team is under severe pressure after they admitted they have in fact resorted to ball tampering.

Captain Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft openly admitted that they have done the ball tampering during the 3rd test against South Africa.

The cricket world is a state of shock and the two players might get a life ban it is reported.

But despite all this, they lost the match.

Smith and Bancroft may be banned for life

They used a yellow sticky tape and also sand granules to change the ball. But the Umpires did not agree for changing the ball and tape trick did not work for them.

Bancroft was caught red-handed on the camera using the yellow sticky tape who thought would collect some granules from the pitch.

I was at a wrong place at a wrong time and In fact did the ball tampering admitted the bowler. Captain Smith was banned and fined 100 percent of the match fee for one match.

Smith admitted that they discussed the ploy at lunch and people knew about it and admitted that it was not a good cricket.