Sleep well to avoid heart problems

Sleep well

Work hard and sleep well is the latest health mantra. Less than 6 hours of sleep leads to heart issues the experts have revealed.

An adult must have a minimum of 8 hours sleep that is doctors advice. People who have sleep disorders dont sleep for 6 hours. They dont get proper sleep and that is for less than six hours. This leads to heart problems the doctors have cautioned.

Sleep well

The American college of cardiology has done research on around 4000 adults and about sleeping habits. Most of them were men and they had drinking and smoking habits apart from sleep disorders.

The research pointed out such people will have heart issues in the near future. Less sleep will also lead to Cholesterol problem. The cholesterol will finally lead to a heart problem.

Good food with fibre, regular exercise and hard work are required for a good sleep. Good sleep leads to good health.