Skylab fails to land:Movie review


The Skylab fails to land properly. Satyadev and Nitya Menon have done well but Rahul Ramakrishna failed to give good comedy.

It is just an Ok movie and one can forget about it. They may get the money back with the OTT release. Nitya unfortunately is the producer for this movie.

She may not get good profits for her first movie.

Skylab Movie review

The new director Vishvak Khanderao has chosen an interesting premise for his debut but could not execute it properly. But he failed to deliver an engaging film that has neither thorough entertainment nor a gripping factor to hook to screens.

Some other director with experience could have made all the difference for the movie. Right from the word go, Skylab struggles with its pace. The film’s narration is dead-slow.

Several scenes are stretched out and dragged in the first half. The editing is not crisp. The director wastes a chunk of screen time in establishing the characters.

While the interval block brings some interest and hope to the film. The second half of the film takes a nosedive. Just ignore it.