After announcing that they lost contact with the lander, Sivan the ISRO chief wept like a child before the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi immediately took him closer and hugged and in the process Modi also could not control himself and has become emotional. Prime Minister Modi who was there has walked with a brave face, hugged Sivan close to his chest and appreciated his work.

He addressed the ISRO scientists and assured them India is with them and they have to go forward to achieve the target. This will not let us down, we are enthused and we must surge ahead the Prime Minister told scientists.

On the other hand, Congress has already started politicising the Chandrayaan -2. But Modi said that together as Nation everything is possible for us opined Modi.

Modi said that we owe a great debt to ISRO and its staff. We will be there soon said, Modi. Congress chief Sonia Gandhi also expressed the confidence that we will be there soon.