Siva is one movie which has changed the format of Telugu Cinema. A new director by name Ram Gopal Varma now the famous RGV has come into light from Annapoorna Studios. A now hero by name Nagarjuna from Akkineni family was observed by the Telugu audience. It was history and people continue to talk about it. A new villain by name JD was introduced.

People started about thinking on light and sound effect and its importance in a movie. Now RGV and Nag have come a long way. They patted each other and thanked each other last night for introducing each other. Now Nag has agreed to do a movie with RGV again in the name of Siva 2 and that is only for RGV. RGV agreed for the same.

The who is who of Telugu Cinema and RGV met last night for the launch of Vangaveeti movie songs and they all talked about he movies heroes directors and the lady leads. Even directors like Rajamouli, Puri, Boyapati seen were there and they all said RGV was a star director.

Siva 2 soon

Siva is the movie where Nag fell in love with Amala and got married to her. Now RGV promised that he will not make movies like ice cream and he would make responsive and meaningful movies and that was a promise to Rajamouli.

Directors like Puri who was trained with RGV said that there was no match to RGV and he was a man could direct Amitabh also with ease. RGV is now known both in Bollywood and Tollywood and is making a movie for Hollywood.

RGV again confessed that he liked Sridevi and made Khsanam-Khsanam for her along with Venkatesh. People urged RGV not to stop movie making at any cost. Perhaps it was a different kind of get-together where so many directors, actors and producers have come together for the first time and launched Vangaveeti based on Vijayawada politics.

Lets hope RGV will succeed and Siva 2 will be a reality.