Singer Ram Miryala is climbing the ladder

ram miryala

Ram Miryala has grabbed all the attention in Tollywood with the title song for Bheemla naik along with Kinnera metal music and intro. Ram Mirayala was doing some songs on the stage earlier in folk form.

Alluda Garelondala , Alluda purilondala was the popular song. He has sung a song in jaati ratnalu and is singing in almost all the new movies and for new heroes.

He is not in a hurry and climbing one step at a time with all ease and perfection. These days folk based songs in Telangana slang are a rage. Mangli is also popular for the same folk style and Telangana slang.

We have to see if Ram can sing the regular songs for the top heroes. Bheemla Naik song was a good attempt and let’s hope he will forge further ahead into the industry.

Now he is recognised and that is the advantage. We can say that Thaman gave a good break to this singer.