Prabahas and Sharwanand are in line to get married soon. We do not know if Prabahs is ready for the marriage but his friend Sharwa is looking for girls it looks like.

Sharwanand has worked with Samantha for the movie called Jaanu for producer Dilraju. When asked about the marriage Sharwa said that he was looking for a lady like Samantha after he saw the movie called Majili.

Majili is a hit movie from the real wife and husband, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya. We do not know if Sharwa has got fascinated after working with Samantha in Jaanu.

It is reported that the movie has come out very well and is ready for release. It is the remake of a movie called 96. When it comes to Prabahs we do not know what really is going in his mind when it comes to Marriage.

There are thousands of ladies from Telugu states waiting for his nod. Right now he badly needs a hit after the big disaster called Saaho.