Chairman Sharif

The Chairman of the AP Legislative council has become the Hero for the farmers overnight. The masterstroke in the name of rule 71 used by Chandrababu Naidu has stalled the bills of decentralisation of Governance.

20 Ministers could not withstand the strategy of YSRC. Chairman Sharif with all his grit has referred the bills to the select committee. Yenamala Ramakrishnadu the senior TDP leader could get the things done in the council.

The select committee will take at least 3 months time to deal with the 2 bills. The multipronged strategy of the Government led by Jagan has failed miserably.

The Assembly and approved the bills, while the Council has sent the same to the select committee. Chairman of the council Sharif has stated that as per Rule of the discretionary powers, he is referring the bills to the select committee.

The farmers of Vijaywada who have given the lands to Amaravathi have celebrated the event. Chandrababu Naidu the LOP has said that the democracy has won and that he did not manage anything.

Babu praised the efforts of the MLCs for fighting it out in the council and winning the game from the YSRC.