Shankar with Ranveer or Ramcharan


Ace director Shankar who has given super duper hits to the industry is now planning to work with a remake for Ranveer Singh the top star of Bollywood.

Shankar is also in touch with Ramcharan the mega power star and son of Chiranjeevi. But the Lyca productions has filed a case against the director that he must complete the Indian 2 with Kamal Hassan as per the agreement.

So Shankar is busy and bogged down with 3 movies and a court case. Will he complete the movie with Kamal Hassan or will he go with Ranveer for the remake of Aparichitudu of Vikram is the question.

At the same time, Ramcharan is also waiting for the opportunity to work with the ace director who has given mega-blockbusters to the industry. But one thing is for sure.

The Budget for the Ramcharan movie will be fixed and the deadlines are set. Shankar has to work within the borders designed by the Konidela productions.

Shankar cannot stretch the budget in the name of creativity so on and so forth. We have to finally see which way Shankar will go. If the court goes with Lyca he has to complete the movie of Kamal and then think about Ranveer and Ramcharan.